Challenging your problem-solving skills to accept failure

Aftab Hussain
3 min readMar 27, 2020


a) Aftab Hussain

  1. It was indeed an interesting thing to act on. I had initially faced a problem but it was a good experience.

2. I faced challenges like having a meetup with a lot of people by knocking door to door. Despite the worst responses I didn’t gave up. Some people said we don't have enough money. I overcome this situation by thinking positively as I’m tending to face it in any case.

3. It helped me to understand people’s mentality as they can afford to go to an expensive restaurant, but don’t want to donate money to bring some change in society.

b) Afshala Noreen

1:It was a good experience to collect funds for a social cause. Many people responded positively and they contributed. They appreciated my effort in helping society by playing my role. I learnt a lot of things from this activity i.e Accept failure and how to convey my message and how to convenience the people to help the society.

2:I performed this activity individually. I collected the funds from the hostilities. I went to every room and knock their doors and try to convince them to help society by playing their role.

3:I faced some challenges ie some girls they said that they don’t have many, some they said we don't have changed and some the said we already gave money to someone else.

4:I learnt how to accept failure. When people refuse to help you or they are not supporting you then you feel that you are unable to do this. But we have to accept the failure and try to work harder to achieve our goal

c) Tasmeer Jamil

Yeah, I collected from my hostel. Many girls refused by saying that they don’t have money or not get a salary yet. It was clear that they are not interested in funding. I was very disappointed by their reaction and they are answering me as I’m a bagger, this attitude hurt me a lot even I was about to cry. Then I encouraged myself not to quit and to do more efforts, the next day I asked left girls and they respond positively and gave me some amount which they have saved for donation. It was so encouraging moment and I came to know there are good people as well.

This experience taught me how to overcome the failure, not to stop and just do it in the right way. Though I was discouraged by the failure there was also an encouragement.

d) Ahsan Naeem

  1. It was an enigmatic experience to get in touch with people of different walks of life
  2. I faced the critics of people who had mistrust over annoyed persons. I take it as a positive thing which developed tolerance.
  3. It taught me that you should not lose hope, try to help others by taking some initiatives on foist hand.

e) Hafiza Aqsa Mehmood

  1. It was a wonderful experience for me to go to collecting funds for social improvement.
  2. I bear the negative comments of people at ease, I tried to avoid naysayers.
  3. It has helped me to build some analytical mindset approaches.