Eat that frog with a Pomodoro

Aftab Hussain
1 min readMar 6, 2020
Pomodoro timer experience

The activity of pomodoro timer was really very helpful while writing down my university assignment. Prima facie, i found it difficult to work on as I've observed on some distractions.

It was helpful to identify my weak areas of time management and I've come to know the reasons behind procrastination. While you are working on a task to accomplish, something resist to complete it in time, but it is indeed your inner leisure took you not to give complete time to perform this job.

While i was writing my assignment i had some brain drained ideas of which i wasn’t able to judge, now I've identified my areas where i need to work on e.g, switching off all the distracting devices (Mobile phone, T.V etc.) also this activity has enabled me manage my precious time slots. I have focused over this aspect more than before.

Now I’ve planned to perform this activity on regular basis which will also help me out to engage my remaining time in a a more designed framework. By practicing this activity on regular basis, i will be able to get productive results which will also helpful in evaluating my standardized, suitable required time.