Increasing Diaspora of Crystal Meth in Educational Institutes….!

Aftab Hussain
2 min readFeb 28, 2020

Problem Statement:

Due to lack of guidance and awareness our educational institutes have been observed by a large number of students addicting over Crystal Meth to overcome their fear of failure and mitigating anxiety.


Crystal Meth (known as Methamphetamine) is a white colored stimulant drug often available in crystal or powdered form. It also known by some other names as Crystal, Speed, Ice etc.

Why is it used by Students?

There are myths that it can act as a Stimulant-it could energize you for several hours, it could also increase your cerebral power which could ultimately intensifies their learning and information retaining capabilities.

What have i done?

I’ve been researching over the Dilemma of ICE used by university students and tried to get them aware of it’s consequences in future. I’ve not made any significant progress at a large scale for which i make a claim over, but i’ve plans to do so…..!

GOP Initiative…!

PM IK on awareness seminar to prevent Drugs Addiction

Things which i’ve found till now:

Short-Term Effects

  • More energy
  • High body temperature
  • Fast heart rate
  • Faster breathing
  • Not feeling hungry

Long-Term Effects

  • Anxiety, confusion
  • Itchy skin, causing sores from scratching
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Rotting teeth, “meth mouth”

ANF Report 2018:

Recent studies has shown it’s impacts which could worsen at an overwhelming dangerous rate. According to a report:

75 percent of Female and 45 percent of male are addicted to Crystal Meth in Islamabad — Minister For State Interior

Way Forward:

We should try to hold seminars, get ralleys on board, try to persuade people to improve their critical thinking which could reduce some serious implications in the aftermath.