Project 2: Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight

Aftab Hussain
2 min readMay 9, 2020

How was the session?

The last session was a real fun mixed with some of the emotional features as well. Everybody was very thoughtful on that day and we enjoyed a lot, reflected the past experience from the inception of the journey.

What was it like to just talk and connect?

Yeah, I think it is important when you have got an inkling regarding the end of the pinches, you need a break and a lot of motivation is required at that moment. So did our instructors! They set the theme of the discussion. It was quite commemorating that we’ve been engaged with you people for a short period of time and put up our best to your brains, we’ve identified the area where you can make you mark. Now, it’s your turn to create a Diaspora and expose your inner abilities which the world is looking for.

How was this session different compared to the previous sessions?

The session was all in all differ from the former in a sense that we’re not given any task to complete. We ourselves decided to wear black as a theme dress, hopefully, many faces were robust and feeling saddened. The instructors then tickle the bomb and were all in praise about the entire journey. They caught up all the batch, individual appeasing remarks were put in place. It was a moment when I myself felt a great honour. The scurrying moments were gone and the crumbling stones were levelled up.

How can you try to use this learning in your future life?

It will definitely help us in the future. We just need to re-evaluate the extent of our morale a bit high, we’ll shape the future. The unprecedented synergy will go on……!