Putting your Idea into the universe!

Aftab Hussain
1 min readMar 3, 2020

Problem Statement:

“Due to Inadequate fundamental facilities in far backward areas, the children have been deprived of getting quality education.”

Why do you care about that problem as an entrepreneur?

I care about it, because there are around 22.8 million children out of schools due to insufficient facilities. I’ve plans to do somethings unique for the society.

What are some of the ways you can address that problem?

I can help children to get adequate facilities by providing them at far backward places.

How will working on that problem help you sustain your life (earn from it)?

It’ll help me in economic growth and financial stability, thus by fulfilling suitable needs can also expand my supply chain, which eventually expand business.

How will working on that problem help the people and the society?

People will get the long-lasting,stabilized and fully facilitated liabilities. It will also act as a sign of welfare, their children will be able to get quality education at their required place.

“Every cloud has a silver shining”